An outlook on gambling across Europe

Gambling has always been one of the popular forms of entertainment in Europe. There are plenty of gambling hotspots across Europe, and with a great deal of history too. As a matter of fact, the casino that pioneered the industry as we know today was built in Italy, near Venice way back in the 17th century. In Germany, you have the Baden-Baden Casino which dates back 200 years. These are just two of the well-known joints that represent a flourishing gambling culture in the continent.

There are a lot of cultures in the continent and it would be hard to group them all together. The continent stretches from Norway to the North, Malta in the southern parts, Portugal to the West and Russian to the North. With such an expansive land mass, there is a lot to explore. European citizens can enjoy whatever they like across the continent since traveling is no hustle. What’s more, there are spectacular gambling sites strewn all over the continent.

Gambling and European cultures

With so many diverse cultures from the West to the East you will encounter many traditions, most of which have played a big role in the evolution of gambling into what it is today. The very first wagering games played in Europe involved dice games and progressed into the variety of games that are played in Vegas casinos and across the world. As such, every kind of wagering contest you can think of is available in Europe today, although some are not legal. Online gambling is also extremely popular in Europe, with sites such as Grand Mondial Casino having millions of players on their database

Where does Europe break with Vegas?

A gambler looking to wager in a casino in Europe will enjoy different experiences depending on what country they find themselves in. For instance, in France- where roulette was invented, the game is still the most popular anywhere you go. Chemin de fer is the single most played game, in Central Europe and in Monte Carlo, the indigenous game Punto Banco is the game of choice. As a whole, Casino gambling is livelier across Europe than in Vegas since there is a lot of variety as countries will opt for their local wagering contests over foreign imports. While Vegas may be well-known as a favorite for many across the world when it comes to casino games, you will not find as much variety as there is in Europe as most casinos just offer the same games.

Sports betting

Europe has a fervent appetite for all things betting and sports and race betting are no exception. There are parts of Europe where sports and race betting are absolute favorites. 9 countries/regions in particular are well-known for their devoted spirit in sports betting, and they include the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Holland and Great Britain. These places have had vast developments in the sport of the kings with numerous race courses and a heritage that dates to the medieval times.

Famous gambling spots across Europe


The Baden-Baden Casino is the flashiest you will find in Germany. It has an architectural resemblance to a French palace and has maintained the designs that show its 200-year-old history. Visitors can always have a tour of the place and enjoy some gambling.


Monaco is known to be one of the most exciting gambling spots across Europe. Even before the Bond movies popularized the gambling scene here, there was a lot of wagering already going on. A visit to the Monte Carlo casino will give you insight into what betting is like around here. The dress code across Monaco casinos is always sharp, so make sure you are dressed for the night.


Venice is the place to be if you are looking to sample casino games in Italy. There may be a handful of casinos but you can always be sure to have a good time. The Ca’Vendramin and Ca’Noghera twin casinos are particularly a sight to behold. Here, there is 60,000 square feet dedicated to gambling and entertainment. Poker and blackjack are big here but the slots have little luck.

All across Europe, the attitude towards gambling is that it is a fun pastime that many don’t mind indulging in. Some of the best casinos will be found in the greater Europe region, and a visit to any one of the major European gambling cities is bound to be fun and eye opening.